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Beginning BJJ: What Kind of Gi Should I Get?

Beginning BJJ: What Kind of Gi Should I Get?

When you embark on your journey to learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Malaysia, one of the first things that you would need to buy is a BJJ gi (or kimono).

Some beginners use their old judo gi. However, a judo gi has a looser fit; and the sleeves and collar will be much easier for your opponent to grab and use against you. The gi skirt of a judo gi is also very long, enabling your opponent to easily unwrap it to coil around your neck for  modified brabo gi choke. Then there is the tae kwon do or karate gi. I find these to be too flimsy to last in grappling. They usually rip apart after a few hard rolling sessions, and sometimes your training partner’s fingers might get caught when it rips, thereby injuring the fingers...

venum bjj gi
Venum gi
It would be advisable to buy an actual BJJ gi. After all, you doing BJJ right? Just as if you play badminton you would need a badminton racquet, and not a tennis racquet!

So what kind of gi should I get?
Nowadays there are so many types of BJJ gi in the market. Most gis are not cheap. For example, the Atama Mundial gis are around US$200. Bull Terrier gis are from US$150 to US$300. Venum Gi is between US$150 to US$200. And that's not including shipping charges! Granted, these gis look really good and the quality of course, cannot be disputed. But if you convert these to Malaysian Ringgit (based on current exchange rates), spending RM800 for a gi is simply out of the question for most people.

However, for some just starting out in BJJ, they may not wish to spend that much money on gi.  You might be looking for a good, cheap gi. So what are the options?
Atama Gi

If you are on a budget, you can’t go wrong with Fuji. Their single weave gis are not too light and not too heavy It is suited for hot weather use. The jacket is durable, the pants are strong with excellent reinforcements. The great thing is, the single weaves gis are all below US$100! (Less than RM500, inclusive  of shipping) And they have many colours to choose from.

Here are some great (and cheaper, more reasonable priced) gis to consider. Note- they are all priced below US$100:

1. Fuji Single Weave BJJ Gi

More info here.

2. Fuji Single Weave (Black)
More info here.

3. Fuji Single Weave (White)
 More info here.

4. Adidas Jiu-Jitsu Gi

Get the Adidas gi here.

5. Fuji BJJ  Gi for Ladies

Order the Pink gi here.

So there you go. Many choices for the beginning BJJ student, and quite reasonable in pricing. The quality of the gis displayed above are good, and should last you for many years.

Note: From previous dealings with the company, expedited shipping is fast, and the gi takes only about 7 days to arrive. If you go for normal shipping, the items are expected to arrive within 21 days.


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