Sunday, June 5, 2016

Progression: Thank you, Coaches, Students and Friends

I wish to say a big thank you to Coach Samuel Wee who promoted me to brown belt after a recent training session with him. After starting my training in Jiu Jitsu from the year 2001/02, reaching brown belt was beyond imagining. Heck, even getting to blue belt then was considered a major achievement (by my own standards)...

I remember back in early 2000, there were no BJJ gyms to be found anywhere in Malaysia. We actually had to train in "garage gyms".... The first gym to officially teach Jiu-Jitsu was Ding's, with Sam as the coach (then a blue belt). That was around year 2002. Today there are so many great BJJ and MMA gyms that have come up, and I'm glad to have stuck around long enough to see the evolution and progress of the art here in Malaysia.

Anyway I want to also give a special thanks to my fellow Coach Tirmizi "Mandeng" for all his encouragement and guidance thru the years at PJ Jiujitsu Club. Also a big thanks to my students (past and present) - you have all played a big part in my personal growth in this awesome martial art/sport.

On the wrong side of 40s now, I am not getting any younger. But as long as I am physically able, I will continue to do my best to share whatever little knowledge I have with my teammates here at PJ Jits.

Friday, June 3, 2016

BJJ Training in Petaling Jaya!

Some photos from the training session at PJ Jiujitsu Club on Thursday night. It was the final session for our team member from Indonesia who will be returning to his country this month. 

We wish you all the best, Aulia! It was a pleasure to train and  share some mat time with you! Hope you continue your BJJ journey back in Jakarta, and keep in touch!

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