Tuesday, April 19, 2011

4 Benefits of Practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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In addition to being a very effective combat sport and self defense method Brazilian Jiu Jitsu also offers its disciplined practitioners a variety of health benefits. This art is extremely rigorous and difficult to master, and through this arduous process martial artists can expect to gain physical and mental benefits that may be unavailable through other means.

1) Increased Fitness & Stamina
The first health benefit a Brazilian jiu jitsu practitioner can expect to gain is increased stamina. This is because of the long duration of the physical demands of practice. The average class length ranges anywhere from one to two hours. This is not idle time, this is time spent in motion, going through calisthenics, technique and sparring. Even the most fit individuals can expect to feel deplete by the end of a session. Over time though and with consistent attendance to regular classes you will gain the ability to complete these grueling sessions feeling more composed and prepared.

2) Improved Strength
The second health benefit you can expect to receive from practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu is to see greatly increased strength. Almost every class will incorporate some type of strength training or sparring. Sparring is when two students go over the live application of techniques in free motion. Strength is essential in order to apply techniques live. Gripping the kimono or gi which is the traditional uniform requires a lot of hand strength. Even more so because your training partner will by doing everything in their power to make break your grip on their kimono. This means that you will have to grip and re-grip over and over again.

3) Better Memory.
There are literally an infinite amount of techniques and positions in Brazilian jiu jitsu. Expect to have your memory worked to its very limits. An arm bar for example is just one way to attack your opponent but while this is just one movement there are hundreds of ways and angles with which to apply this attack.

4) Patience
Patience is perhaps the most important benefits of practicing this art. This sport takes a lifetime to master, even for those who are diligent. Even those who have mastered this art to a certain level are sure to face defeat in competition or in the academy. No matter what your level of skill or ability there is always someone or something that can be learned from or overcome. Only those who are truly committed will be able to gain this benefit.

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