Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why Train Jiu-Jitsu?

These days we all know how a healthy diet and exercise are beneficial to our overall health. That’s why you see more and more gyms and fitness clubs popping up all over Malaysia. 

This is all well and good – you go to the gym, pump some iron, ride a bike, jog/walk on the treadmill etc. The problem is – these types of workouts get boring pretty fast. And if you find it boring, chances are high that you will not continue with it.

So what’s the solution? You need a workout program that will provide you all the benefits but without the boredom.

This is where a combat sport like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) comes in. Training BJJ will surely give you a host of physical benefits, and some mental benefits too.

 Below are some very good reasons BJJ should be part of your workout program:

1: BJJ is an art of self-defense:

The art of BJJ teaches one to use leverage to defeat or subdue an opponent. This means a much smaller guy can turn the tables on a bigger/stronger person by using technique, rather than pure muscle.

The ability to protect yourself from physical harm is a great benefit to everyone, and BJJ will definitely help to get you there.

Royce Gracie using BJJ against a much bigger Akebono

 2: It’s an easy sport to learn

It’s very easy to learn the basic movements in BJJ. All you need is consistency and dedication. Here at our club in Petaling Jaya, students range from those who are young (aged 17) to older ones (students who start learning at age 60 are not uncommon). So you don’t have to be endowed with athletic prowess to do well in in BJJ.

3 :  BJJ will raise your self-esteem:

Those who train BJJ will no doubt get fitter and stronger. You will also lose weight.

After training a while, you will be walking around feeling more confident and great, and look good at the same time. Whether you have suffered from some bad incident in the past or are simply looking for something that will help lift your spirits, BJJ can greatly strengthen you not only physically, but mentally.

A fit looking Andre Galvao, BJJ champion
  4: Training BJJ will improve your athletic ability

Fitness, cardio, strength, reflexes, endurance, flexibility are all by-products of BJJ training. Can you get all these from jogging? Duh…

5: BJJ is a fun activity:

There is nothing more fun than learning all the moves in BJJ and then applying them in a rolling session (sparring).

Unlike boxing, muay thai and other striking combat arts, you won’t get kicked or punched in BJJ sparring. So there is an additional safety factor there. So since the environment is relatively safe (for a combat art), students can pretty much roll without much risk of injury.

Having a fun workout like BJJ is important because nobody wants to continue a dull, dreary, and monotonous form of exercise.

A typical rolling session

6: BJJ Relieves Stress:

Combat sports like BJJ is a great way to release the stress of daily life, you get so absorbed in the training that all the problems seem a million miles away.  What better way to choke or armbar your boss, partner, in-laws etc (in your mind) and get fit yourself! 

So what’s the verdict?

If you want to be fitter, build some lean functional muscle tone, lose fat, learn how to defend yourself, become faster, stronger, and more flexible, and just all around feeling better about yourself doing something that is a super- fun, then come join us here at PJ Jiujitsu Club for some great BJJ training!

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