Tuesday, October 18, 2016

What is Jiu-Jitsu?

what is jiu-jitsu

If you are looking for a fun, physical sport to participate in, look no further than Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). It is a martial art that is great for learning some self-defence as well as to help you get fitter and stronger.

So what exactly is BJJ? Check out some of these demos,which will show you what the martial art looks like.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Progression: Thank you, Coaches, Students and Friends

I wish to say a big thank you to Coach Samuel Wee who promoted me to brown belt after a recent training session with him. After starting my training in Jiu Jitsu from the year 2001/02, reaching brown belt was beyond imagining. Heck, even getting to blue belt then was considered a major achievement (by my own standards)...

I remember back in early 2000, there were no BJJ gyms to be found anywhere in Malaysia. We actually had to train in "garage gyms".... The first gym to officially teach Jiu-Jitsu was Ding's, with Sam as the coach (then a blue belt). That was around year 2002. Today there are so many great BJJ and MMA gyms that have come up, and I'm glad to have stuck around long enough to see the evolution and progress of the art here in Malaysia.

Anyway I want to also give a special thanks to my fellow Coach Tirmizi "Mandeng" for all his encouragement and guidance thru the years at PJ Jiujitsu Club. Also a big thanks to my students (past and present) - you have all played a big part in my personal growth in this awesome martial art/sport.

On the wrong side of 40s now, I am not getting any younger. But as long as I am physically able, I will continue to do my best to share whatever little knowledge I have with my teammates here at PJ Jits.

Friday, June 3, 2016

BJJ Training in Petaling Jaya!

Some photos from the training session at PJ Jiujitsu Club in Petaling Jaya on Thursday night. It was the final session for our team member from Indonesia who will be returning to his country this month. 

We wish you all the best, Aulia! It was a pleasure to train and  share some mat time with you! Hope you continue your BJJ journey back in Jakarta, and keep in touch!

Team Mongooze

Petaling Jaya Jiujitsu
Aulia and Nigel


BJJ in Petaling Jaya
Rolling time

Friday, April 15, 2016

PJ Jiujitsu Club's Latest Blue Belt

Congratulations to our PJ Jiujitsu Club member Vincent, who was promoted to blue belt during our training session last night.

blue belt promotion
Coach Mandent doing the honours of promoting Vincent to the next level

Vincent has trained with our PJ Jits crew for several years and thoroughly deserved his belt promotion. Well done, buddy!

pj jiujitsu club
Some of the members present during the promotion

Saturday, January 9, 2016

PJ Jits at the Copa de Malaysia BJJ Competition

Competition area

PJ Jits at the Copa da Malasia BJJ Competition

It's 2016! A couple of our members from PJ Jiujitsu Club decided to take part in the second edition of the Copa de Malasia BJJ competition. It would be their first attempt at competing against players from other clubs.

The event was held at the Jaya Shopping Centre in Section 14 Petaling Jaya. A great venue for a jiu jitsu competition for sure! Indoors, air conditioning, lots of f & b outlets, ample parking....

The competition also had an international flavour with teams and competitors coming from all corners of the world - Vietnam, Cambodia, US, Japan, Singapore, Middle East, Philippines etc.

Fights underway
Rifhan had a match (under 64 kg white belt) in morning portion of the competition. He fought hard against his opponent from GFT but did not manage to win. He eventually lost by points. Vincent fared slightly better (over 65 kg white belt masters) and managed to win by submission in his first match against his opponent from Monarchy. He was unable to repeat the feat in his second match and lost to a player from Cristiano Kamanishi's team.

Pass that guard...
All in all it was another fun (but stressful and tiring) outing for the team and it would be good for them to compete the next time if opportunity permits.

All done. Time to go home

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