Thursday, December 31, 2015

Final PJ JIts Class for the Year 2015

First time we actually have a training session on the last day of the year!

A couple of us showed up and we had a great training and rolling before calling the year 2015 to a close.

Wishing all a great 2016!

Saturday, November 28, 2015


Huge congrats to our PJ Jiujitsu Club team member Ian Khong who is now doing his tertiary studies in Dublin Ireland. He recently competed in his first BJJ tournament at the Dublin International Open and came out tops with a gold medal (white belt rooster division). 

Ian submitted both his opponents in less than 1 minute (americana and ezekial choke), and also pulled off a a berimbolo from half guard top (taught by our Coach Mandeng)!

Hope to hear more good news from this young man!

Monday, June 1, 2015


Congratulations to Xande Ribeiro, who just won the gold medal at the 2015 IBJJF Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships!

Xande has a "connection" to our club as he was the man who awarded a blue belt to one of our coaches here (Coach Mandeng)! He was also the instructor of Coach Mandeng's instructor Sean Bansfield. So that's kinda cool, I think!

Anyway, the last time Xande won gold at the prestigious BJJ Mundials was way back in 2008! To win again after so many years down the road speaks volumes of the man's jiu-jitsu prowess and never-say-die attitude! Definitely inspiring and motivational as well.

Check out Xande's pulse pounding gold medal match vs Lucas Leite below:

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pre-GST Rolling Session!

This is the final open mats training session at PJ Jiujitsu Club, before the implementation of the GST (Goods & Services Tax) in Malaysia on 1/4/2015!

So what the heck is "GST"?

GST which is also known as VAT or the value added tax in many countries is a multi-stage consumption tax on goods and services.

GST is levied on the supply of goods and services at each stage of the supply chain from the supplier up to the retail stage of the distribution. Even though GST is imposed at each level of the supply chain, the tax element does not become part of the cost of the product because GST paid on the business inputs is claimable. Hence, it does not matter how many stages where a particular good and service goes through the supply chain because the input tax incurred at the previous stage is always deducted by the businesses at the next step in the supply chain.

GST is a broad based consumption tax covering all sectors of the economy i.e all goods and services made in Malaysia including imports except specific goods and services which are categorized under zero rated supply and exempt supply orders as determined by the Minister of Finance and published in the Gazette.

Taxes are paid so that the government can finance socio-economic development; which includes providing infrastructure, education, welfare, healthcare, national security etc.

 Today, almost 90% of the world's populations live in countries with GST, including China, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and India.

Well... that explains everything... Right? All I know is, some things will cost more from April onwards...

Anyway, let's keep on rollin'.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

January 2015 - Back to the Grind.

Well, it's a another year. Training is on as usual at PJ Jiujitsu Club. Some old members have returned while some have moved away or have "retired". Nevertheless, life goes on and we just keep on rolling!

Below are some pics of members having a good easy going workout! Fun rolls! (thanks to Sugu for the photo contributions)

Aizat and Mandeng
Mattheus and Janson
Sugu (white gi)

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