Monday, November 6, 2017

Mark Mullen Seminar at PJ Jiujitsu Club

mark mullen bj malaysia
Prof Mark Mullen @ PJ Jiujitsu Club
Professor Mark Mullen was in town recently and we had the opportunity to host him for an impromptu seminar at PJ Jiujitsu Club. Mark started his BJJ journey with Marcus Soares and is a black belt under Josh Russell and is currently based in Vietnam (K1 Fitness & Fight Factory).

After being formally introduced to all the participants, Prof Mark started the class with a quick warmup in the form of solo drills, involving lots of hip movements, and then went through some of his philosophies and concepts on escapes from inferior positions. He then showed us some techniques on how to avoid being controlled by your opponent when he is about to take side control position. This involves having to hand fight, redirect the opponent's head and then recover guard. Then he covered the elbow push escape (similar to how Marcelo Garcia does it). 

Also covered were escapes from modified kesa gatame (two variations), escape from knee on belly (simple but effective hip escape), defense and escape from the kimura. Time was well used to drill all the techniques taught to the class.

Overall we had a great experience, and we hope to get Prof Mark to teach us again the next time he comes down to Malaysia.

malaysia bjj

bjj malaysia
After jits lunch with the Prof 

A short clip of the seminar below:

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